Environmental Justice and its lack of enforcement in EPA’s Aircraft Rule

Ring Bender and two of its attorneys, Norm Dupont and Sage Ertman, were recognized in an article published by Inside EPA.com, an online publication and resource which covers EPA and environmental regulations. The May 22, 2023 Inside EPA article entitled “Pending Suit on EPA Aircraft Rule Highlights Lack of Enforceable EJ Orders” explores an article published in January by the ABA publication Trends authored by Norm Dupont, on the lack of any enforceable environmental justice standard at EPA. A second article authored by Norm and Sage Ertman in the ABA publication Nature Resources & Environment in May 2023 discusses EPA’s rejection of efforts to apply environmental justice standards to regulating Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions for aircraft.

Many airports are located in economically underprivileged communities, often with substantial minority populations. Yet, EPA’s response to the State of California’s complaint about environmental justice in this aircraft regulation was an outright rejection of the legal applicability of environmental justice.  Subscribers of Inside EPA can read the article here.