From our offices in Pennsylvania, California, and Oregon, we practice as one law firm, holding closely to core values that start with a deep commitment to our clients and to the quality of our work on their behalf. Our practice includes an emphasis on teamwork among our lawyers and with other professionals, and a belief in the application of common sense, uncommon resolve and deep and wide-ranging experience to handle our clients’ legal service needs.

Our lawyers are recognized nationally for the depth of their expertise. The diversity of our lawyers strengthens both our ability to evaluate issues confronting our clients and our advocacy on their behalf in multiple settings across the United States. And because every client is a client of the law firm, not of any specific lawyer, every client has the ability to call on any of our lawyers as needed.

Our Clients Look To Us For Advice And Judgement On A Broad Array of Legal Issues.

Our litigators represent our clients in cases throughout the United States. We handle arbitrations, agency proceedings, and matters before the federal and state courts at both the trial and appellate levels.

Our Regulatory Lawyers

Our regulatory lawyers are recognized experts in their fields and regularly combine their talents on behalf of clients large and small at some of the nation’s most complex environmental sites.

Lawyers Across The Firm

Lawyers across the firm regularly confront emerging intellectual property legal and policy issues in such technical fields as wireless and digital communications, software, information infrastructure, privacy, and data security, and in scientific areas like emerging “green” technology and new chemical development, and in political forums involving municipal infrastructure development, environmental policy and the economic impact of changing environmental regulations.

We value our clients as friends, colleagues, and partners in the legal issues we assist them with and as supporters of our effort to grow and develop as attorneys and as people. We believe in measuring our success by the success of our clients and their endeavors.