Municipal Law

Since its founding, Ring Bender has provided expertise and experience to municipal governments and entities on a wide range of environmental, facilities, land use, water rights and litigation issues. Ring Bender attorneys currently provide municipal clients with expert advice on governance issues, code enforcement, employment and various types of litigation in federal and state courts. For example, we represent several Southern California cities in employment and code enforcement cases in state court.

We also focus on water law and municipal water rights. For example, we currently represent a coalition of Oregon cities in litigation over their extensions of existing water rights to provide drinking water for future citizens of their communities.

We also have deep experience in public facility planning, permitting and construction, including the development and upgrading of drinking water facilities, wastewater treatment plants and other major infrastructure projects. We regularly advise municipal clients on legal issues that pertain to the planning, construction, operation and compliance of water treatment plants, intake, storage, and water transmission facilities. At present, for example, we represent a Pennsylvania wastewater treatment authority that is planning and will soon begin construction of a major upgrade to its wastewater treatment plant.